Close Beta Event Series


Dear Ninjas,

Welcome to Pockie Ninja II Social Closed Beta.

We’ve prepared a bunch of Closed Beta Events for you. And you’ll have a boost in the Open Beta.


Event 1

All players who participate in the Closed Beta testing will receive a CBT Gift Pack


Event 2

Player whose village reaches Lv.30 will receive CBT Gift Pack*2


Event 3

Players who top up over 200 gold during the Closed Beta testing will receive CBT Gift Pack*5


Rewards will be available to claim within 10 working days after the launch of Open Beta. Only Closed Beta participants who meet the requirement are eligible for the rewards.


Rewards listed above can be accumulated. Please verify your Facebook account on event page before claiming CDKEY, and then claim rewards on the CDKEY page.


Hope you have fun! Your feedback and suggestions will always be welcome to us.

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- The Pockie Ninja II Team -

July 3, 2012