Quick Overview


Village EXP and Level—Quite a lot of events in Pockie Ninja II Social can help you gain village EXP. The increase of EXP will help raise you level while the raise of level will unlock more contents and maps.

Chakra— Chakra is the vital resource in the game. Construct and upgrade buildings, battling will all consume chakra. Chakra will restore itself slowly through time. Or you can restore Chakra by receiving from friends, assisting friends, purchasing in the mall and so on.


Prosperity—Prosperity is to show village’s appearance and level of prosperity. It is also the precondition to unlock buildings in the mall.


Ryo—Ryo is the major currency in the game, which can be obtained by completing quests,  collection, building and invasion. Ryo is mainly used in building villages, recruiting ninjas and buying ninjutsu books.


Gold—Gold is used to buy top items and get access to convenience functions.


 Quest—Accomplishing quests to familiarize the game fast and win ample rewards.


Plot—Click plot button to enter combat map. You can challenge any plot you want in Naruto and also ninjas in Ninja saga.


Mall—Click to enter shopping mall, buy all kinds of village buildings, ninjas and items.


Ninja—Click to see ninja list where you can check ninja information, equip ninjutsu and do enhancement.


Friends—Click to open friends list, check friends’ information, assist or invade friends’ villages.


Warehouse—Click to open your warehouse, check and use items.


Email—Click to check friends’ latest news, share rewards and gifts


How to gain EXP--

1. Construct and upgrade buildings

2. Acquire buildings

3. Collect plots that are already passed

4. Quest rewards

5. Various battles—plot, invasion, rescue, legion war.


The use of Level---

1. The higher the level is, the more harvest the village will get.

2. The higher the level is, the more kinds of advanced building are available.

3. Level is the precondition to unlock the plot maps.


How to gain Ryo----

1. Harvest village every 8 a.m. and you can gain a large amount of Ryo.

2. Obtain Ryo from Production building every once in a while.

3. Entering battles can earn different amount of Ryo.

4. Both assisting and invading friends can grant you Ryo. But invasion will give you more Ryo.

5. Completing quests and in-game events to earn numerous Ryo.


How to acquire ninjas ----

1. Recruit from ninja school

2. Purchase in Mall

3. Recruit from ninja saga

4. Random gift packs

5. Quest rewards


Ninja's Aptitude-The higher an ninja's aptitude is, the more attributes can be boosted while upgrading and enhancing. Ninja quality: Gold >Red >Purple >Blue


Ninja Profession—There are 3 kinds of ninja professions in the game—Taijutsu, ninjutsu and ninja tool. The three professions restrict each other: Taijutsu restricts ninja tool, ninja tool restricts ninjutsu, ninjutsu restricts Taijutsu.


Ninja Level—Ninjas can gain EXP by combating, working, etc. The increase pf EXP can upgrade ninja’s level. The higher the ninja level is, the greater ninjutsu and attributes you can get.


Ninja Force—It is used to assess ninja’s strength. The higher the force is, the stronger the ninja will be in the battle.


Ninja Attribute—There are four types of attributes: HP, Attack, Chakra and Attack Range. They will  affect ninja's performance in the battle. HP and Attack can be further improved by enhancement.


Basic Ninjutsu—Used in the battle and can be relearned via reset.


Great Ninjutsu—Unique skill used in the battle. It needs unique skill book to learn.


Construct Building—Use Ryo or Gold to purchase buildings in the mall to construct.


Upgrade Building—Upgrading building consumes Ryo and building materials. Upgrading can improve functions of building.


Production Building—It is a way to provide Ryo. Some production buildings need ninjas to run normally.


Functional Building—can provide new gameplay in functions. e.g. ninja school can recruit ninjas. Unique skill can be purchased at Encrypted Scroll House. Altar can boost ninja’s ability. Functional building can’t be sold and reclaimed.


Building Decoration—Increase village’s prosperity, which is the precondition of unlocking advanced buildings.


Embattle—Prior to combat, the system will automatically embattle according to force point and profession. If you wish to dispatch ninjas by yourself, you may manually rearrange them.


Auto-Combat—Players can choose auto-combat after embattling. There's no need to operate manually. It can reduce the difficulty of operation.


Manual Combat—Players who reach lv.15 can choose manual combat. Use intelligence to beat down rivals. (Manual combat is not available in the very first chapter of the plot)


Friend’s Assistance—In some battles, you can ask friends for assistance. It means your friends can provide items to help you in the combat.


End Combat Instantly—In auto-combat, if you don’t want to go through the combat process, you may skip it to save time. You can use this function for free 10 times every day. After that, a fee will be charged based on the difficulty level of the combat.


Wining Condition—Each battle has certain wining conditions. Normally, the condition is to eliminate all enemies.


Victory Rewards—You can gain village EXP, Ryo and EXP after victory.


Plot—Plot is the most common combat in the game. You can obtain plenty of EXP and Ryo from it. But plot has to be unlocked stage by stage.


Collection—You can collect the plot you've completed to earn Ryo, ninja EXP, village EXP and building materials.


Ninja Saga—It is available after passing Land of Waves. You can challenge and bribe a ninja and even recruit the ninja when the completion reaches 100%.


Assistance—Visit friend’s village and help your friend to win Ryo, chakra and friendliness. You can assist each friend 3 times only.


Invasion—Invasion can help you gain numerous Ryo and building materials. But you may meet resistance during invasion. The number of invasions you can do is also limited. Once invasion succeeds, you can collect taxes in the invaded area every 4 hours. Invasion can last for 24 hours at most.